Player Interviews

As part of the 'SeeTheGame' Underwater Hockey promotion, a documentary including interviews of a range of players is in production. Here are a few excerpts taken from a great span of information given out by 'good-sport' players, willing to face the camera and dish out a bit of info about the sport of underwater hockey.

"Think it's a great game… keeps you fit… brilliant social life... Go away to tournaments.
When playing, do your bit and then look around and decide who is the best person to pass to.. timing is everything.
Played for 14 years now. I play 3x a week, as often as I can... At our club sessions we have both new guys and several GB squad members in the pool. Very good level of play from beginners right the way up to people that are around fifty years old.
Come and have a go."  Donald

"The social aspect is great.  Meet lots of people, as well as keeping yourself fit… a great cardio vascular work out.  Introduced by brother and now been playing for 8 years. Played for local club and GB elite. Get a big rush from it.
If you are a swimmer getting bored counting tiles on the bottom of the pool then get in here!
In school days when I was annoyed at school,  I'd come to hockey in the evening and feel so much more relaxed afterwards as got all my aggression out playing, then I could sleep easy, ready for another day.
Team sport definitely... I get loads more rush when on bottom of pool with a team and we're working really well together and it all flows, passes going.  You can't talk, obviously, but when it all flows and you can just read each other, it's almost telepathic and it's just great fun." Sophia
"Main thing I like about Underwater Hockey is it is almost on a 3 dimensional level play game on bottom of pool but have to get from surface to bottom before start playing, so you have to factor that in.  It's an added twist to the game that you won't get in any other game... bit like Quidish!... it's played on a 3D level.
Most people think to start off with you have to have amazing breath hold for two or three minutes, but the key is to get down there, pass the puck on, then come up whilst someone else does a bit of work.
1980 I started… 25 years... always into team sports.  Once you've played this, you'll want to play it again.  A great team sport.
As you can tell from my physique you can see we are born athletes!" Ant
"My mum introduced me (she plays) and I've played for a few months now.  Come and have a go you'll enjoy it.  It's really good fun."  Hester

"I love the adrenalin rush. It's a way of getting my fix every week.  Keeps me active, gets me fit... it's a great competitive team sport. Like to play 2 to 3 times a week and get loads of fun out of it.  Everyone comes out feeling so good afterwards.  If you like water sports, come and have a go.
We also have local training pool [session for youngsters]. This is set up clearly with youngsters in mind… have smaller equipment, smaller puck…whole game is slowed down and time is taken out to demonstrate how to take the game forward a bit… it gets them to work together as a team.  It's a great all year round sport."  Martin
"It's exciting, it's social and a bit of fitness if you are lucky. A friend in my dive club introduced me. I started in 1978... do your own maths!
Give it a go... don't be frightened by the fact it is snorkel and mask and that you've got to hold your breath... when you first come in, it seems frantic and mad and all over the place... come and watch the game from above (surface) and get down and do what you feel comfortable with doing to start with. Just do a bit as you go along and get better.  It's better than swimming... it's more fun than just swimming up and down."  Ray
"It's fast... it's exciting... it's quite tactical.  I was told about it whilst swimming... I had a go and now been playing for about 4 years, once a week.  As an aqua sport I'd give it 8 out of 10.  Give it a go!  There is a lot you can gain from doing it."  Dan

"I play for fun, it's good for the figure!  I come on a regular basis every week.  Me and my brother have been here for 8 years.
Underwater Hockey is just fantastic... at the end of the night (we play for an hour) and I 'know' we've played for an hour... then it's up the pub.  It is good for evening entertainment, exercise, and companionship."  Tony

"Underwater Hockey is a good sport to keep fit with.  It's a good team event and helps you for when you are out of the pool, that you know how to work as a team, so with your job and stuff, you know how to work as a team.
I went to a taster session organised by my swimming club, liked it, then started and came along to our Saturday sessions with the kids, then onto the adult ones.
I've now played for about 4 years,… an hour and a half, twice a week.
Age range... I've seen about 6 years to 65 year olds… one of the 60 (ish) year olds is quite good!  He's a very good player actually."  Robin
"I like team games, competitive ones.  A Friend of a friend said come along and have a go, so that's what I did and have been playing ever since.. 2 and half years.  I've played at club level, National Ladies level and am interested in world level.
It's a team game.  Everyone has to be in the right place at the right time. (Sometimes I'm down and I think Im going to die, but I manage to make it back to the surface somehow!).  It's definitely not a solo sport.  Everyone has to work together, that's what gets goals.  It's great.
You have to be a team player.. I prefer playing team games so it's the game for me.. come and have a go and see how you get on." Natalie

"I've played for a few weeks now and it's really good fun.  I love it.  Come and have a go, it's good fun."  Lily

"I like it because it's an active sport… have played for a few months now... was introduced by my mum who plays a lot.
I would like to play more than once a week. I enjoy it and would recommend it to anyone."  Douglas

"Non contact sport better than football… Introduced by a friend a year ago.  I would like to play it 3 or 4 times a week, I love it a lot.  Come along and see if you enjoy it."  Alex


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