006 Critter-Cam System The concept of the critter-cam system was to create a novel 'dynamic' way of enabling a spectator to observe the game of underwater hockey, from one unusual and striking / quirky viewpoint, as comfortably as possible.

005 Filming the game A feature about the Concept, Design and Build of the project and its equipment to film the game of underwater hockey. A little insight into the behind-the-scenes.

004 Spectator v Player As a spectator (prior to any camera systems and productions bringing the game above the water) the game is a mass of splashing bums and fins! As a player, it is a dynamic strategic fast game of attack, defence and counter attacks. All within a fluid environment. The difference is highlighted here in a written story-telling format.

003 Teamwork Teamwork, Timing, Tis Tfun Too! A sample of some moves are demonstrated by a university club team. Not only are a couple of attack and defence moves shown, but the bigger picture of the 'bigger' team work picture is highlighted. It is a team game, even when you are not in possession of the puck.

002 GB Girls At top level, the GB elite girls squad take you underwater at the 2005 European championships in Marseille for a brief sample of the game.

001 Players Interviews All sorts of ages, shapes and characters get their buzz out of this game. Here is just a selection of a range of views.