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FEATURES: Filming the Game. The Concept, Design & Build

To reach the end result of using three main Camera Pod Units and several secondary dynamic-cam positions, took a love of the game of underwater hockey and a little research into sport media and engineering design.

University Hons consideration: Underwater Hockey cannot be easily spectated - resolve this.
B:Sport Media
Camera angles for different types of sporting activity were compared with dynamics of underwater hockey.
C:UWH Arena
The main problem for the water arena of underwater hockey was the low height, so an array was determined.
D:Pod Design
A stable pod system had to be designed, to view, but not be in the way of a game play.
Once the best design was established, it had to be evolved to accommodate variables for cost & materials.
F:Pod Build
Three main camera pod units were built along with three camera housings, complete with pan, tilt & lift.

to make a story on healthy living. He had a go at the game and these 'goes' were filmed by an underwater hand held camera.

They filmed the puck being moved around, but never captured those moments that, as a player, you see time and time again, of that amazing flick pass in a perfectly excecuted teamwork timing situation, or that dynamic break for goal, or even that occasional dastradly dodgy tackle that brings the game to a standstill and an unruley moment of wry opinions being traded on the surface (yet always resolved by time get to pub afterwards - [adult game]).

They filmed the puck being moved, but no real 'game-story'- something that a player enjoys and indeed a spectator would enjoy, if only they could see the game, if only they could see the game, if only they could....... see the game. A project was conceived.

The immediate questions were:
**Would it satisfy the criteria for a BSc Hons Project... er, well, no! Its end results, no matter how the topic was considered, was going to be more 'media and sport' BA, than Science BSc. (A new BSc Hons project was conceived, but this game one was continued as and when in parallel, in 'spare' time, then after uni concluded).
**Could it be done?... yep.
**Could it be done with no money, no job and increasing debts?... this would be found out.

The immediate problems were:
**It was known that pro camera work has the main camera 'mounted' for stability, except documentary, news and querky angle type shots.... so how to make a stable platform that was not to interfere with club-play?
**How would a shoe-string budget be justifiable if couldn't even afford the laces?... resolved when coined the phrase 'slip-on budget'.

At university, many ideas were searched for to produce an unusual Bsc-Honours Project. Then at a club game of underwater hockey, Hunter (the Gladiator) turned up with a film crew  ..........

B:Sport Media
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