3 players as Forwards, attacking left to right
(here with Dark colour Hat and Pusher-Sticks)
the puckits

Other things going on...
On the far side, the left-forward is decending into play. This offers the mid-forward the choice of which side to flick, it means the defender can't just choose to block an obvious pass to the right as it could go left just as fast... Even when the puck goes right, the left-forward puts in effort and stays in play to offer back-up to the right-forwards sprint to the gulley (goal)
Other things going on...
The defender in this instance is beaten... or is he? Note that he hasn't given up, but has stayed, turned swiftly and launched a sprint to catch the right-forward and possibly mess with goal attempt... even if he can't tackle and stop the attack, he may be able to foil the attempt, stall for crucial seconds, whereby the rest of the team will be swarming all over the area.

Indeed there are 10s of individual skill moves that can be picked up with practice and used.
It should, however be remembered that there are 6 of you in the water, all with your own individual skills and it is the mixing, use and timing of these skills which allows all 6 of you to get the puck across the pool floor and into the opponents gulley...
... bearing in mind you've got 6 coming the other way with the sole intention of countering everything you are planning to do and reversing the situation in their favour....

Teamwork, Timing, Tis Tfun Too!

Flick-Right!!... To flick-right is a simple skill. One of many individual skills that is picked up when learning to play. In a game, however, there is far more going on than one persons ability to launch a neat flick.....

Below are a couple of simple examples of Teamwork... As well as the obvious, look what else is going on and remember, this is demonstrated by only 4 players. Imagine the combination of 12 in the water... umm, very dynamic.

Obvious things going on...
The defender has gone straight in on the mid-forward to block any move of any kind. The mid-forward has timed the flick to perfection and sent it over the hand of the on-coming defender.
The flick is fast and aimed well ahead of the right-forward in order to keep maximum speed of the attack. The right forward is already in postion, at speed, to chase and pick this up, she does and goes on to.... ? :o)


frame 1-4
frame 5-8
1 player as a Back, defending right to left
(here with Light colour hat and Pusher-Stick).

("No students were harmed in the making of this demo"... The crew would like to acknowledge the admirable skills of the Plymouth University players and take the opportunity to point out that they were released to their usual watering hole before the onset of any signs of stress or anxiety)

For these very simple demos, we pitched:

frame 1-4
frame 5-8

Obvious things going on...
As the defender approaches, the mid-forward pulls the puck backwards and throws body over the top to end up very low on the pool floor, stationary with the puck controlled and out of sight of defender.
The mid-forward then chooses his option, this time passing out to the right-forward who connects at speed and in this case immediately fires it forward into clear space towards the goal.
This last part is in an instant and the defender is left hapless, searching for the puck in the last known place! Arh, shame.

Other things going on...
On the far side, the left-forward has decended into play and is heading for the open space ahead of the move. A flick forward is quicker than swimming it and so her positioning makes a very swift three player connection around the defender.
Other things going on...
The defender in this instance is beaten... or is he? .. er well yep, this time he is beaten and out of it, as he has gone over the mid-forward, who is now in his way for going after the breaking forwards. The sheltered puck move may have halted the momentum of the attack, but the position and timing of the team mates for the pickups proved excellent.
Other things going on...
The mid-forward sees two team mates now ahead of the defender and heading for open goal... he is coming up for air, but is looking down at the ongoing game the whole time, in case there should be an immediate need to go down again and to where.... He is not drifting off for a rest, pleased with his little part already played.

Just a couple of moves shown above and you may get the jist that there is looooads going on to do with individual, teamwork and timing fun. There is!
Like anything new, there is the "tuning in" stage... figuring out what is going on... With still images and written word it would be sooooo time consuming, and somewhat academic to learn about the game, so we've just given this as a sample, not a replacement for the actual
'feely bit'.

So come along and give it a go... in the mean time SeeTheGame project will endeavour to produce actual moving image awareness of the game... if that's what it takes... then that's what we'll do... we're kind and considerate like that.

Like all teamwork, at times it can be frustrating, very frustrating, perhaps on occassion, horrendously frustrating... but for the vast majority of the games over the months and years you may be pushing the puck around... it is pucking great!

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